Micronization JET-MILL

We use the mills known as Fluid Jet Mill (fluidized bed mills) spiral and opposed jets, mills that use compressed air to accelerate the particles to supersonic speed, causing a shock between them. In this way, friable or crystalline products are reduced to sizes between 1 - 10 microns. This process, carried out at room temperature, also narrows the particle size distribution curve.
Mechanical impact processes, such as hammer or ball mills, tend to contaminate harder or abrasive products due to the wear of their components.
One of the great benefits of the Jet-Mill is the huge increase in surface area. This allows for shorter chemical reaction times, lower reaction temperatures, better efficiency in burning solid fuels, higher gloss in pigments, among other advantages.


Classification is the process of separating particles by size. Applications such as toner, for example, require stricter controls on the grain size distribution, not allowing fines below, nor coarser above a certain size.

Traditionally sieves are used for this function, but with some restrictions:

- Processing of large quantities is difficult;
- Particles below 100 microns are difficult to produce;
- Irregular shapes present problems (ex: needles)
- Sensitivity to humidity.

In these situations, dynamic classifiers are used.

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Grinding with classification:

We use mills with built-in classification to obtain products with narrow range of granulometric distribution and small generation of fines.

Grinding of hammer mills:

For the preparation of the product for micronization we offer coarse grinding with hammer mills.


We use ribbon and high intensity type mixers to homogenize mixtures. In this operation it is possible to add liquids up to a certain percentage.

Particle size analysis:

We issue granulometric analysis reports on a CILAS laser particle size analyser.


We receive your product in cardboard bags, drums, boxes or big bags and pack it in packages that best suit you.

Why outsource?

  • Avoid investments in equipment;
  • Issuance of operating and environmental licenses;
  • Improvement of manufactured products;
  • Development of new products and market;
  • Better cost forecasting.


ULTRAFINE TECHNOLOGIES is a company that is concerned with the satisfaction of its customers and employees, applying all the knowledge, technology and experience of its professionals to efficiency in the provision of services. The quality control laboratory is equipped with a Cilas particle size analyzer and the latest generation HPLC used in the analyzes as well as in the validation of process cleaning.

Physical-chemical tests are carried out on all lots guaranteeing the quality and standardization of the services performed.